Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Usul for a week

I've used Usul for a week as my main box
With the SSD drive, 8 GB RAM and Cinnamon it makes a hell of a box, ultra, hyper fast, light & somehow smallish.
But there are two show stoppers, big and smelly show stoppers for the little laptop that could.

1- Screen real state:
The resolution (1280x800) is a PITA, a real, real PITA to deal with.
To browse back and forth and do stupid stuff on internet it is fine, but once you need to start pulling Terminal, after Terminal and more Terminals, and then open a few pdf docs, and a gEdit... The thing goes to hell, straight to hell and very fast... Using Virtual Desktops helps, and helps a lot; but I don't like them, and I find the the way to create those in Cinnamon truly moronic.

2- WiFi drops:
The other one is the disconnection with the Centrino Ultimate-N 6300... Simply put is annoying as hell, I've tried all what Google thinks and has that might help, but did nothing at all.
I can easily use a wired connection, when I'm at work, but that is really unpractical.

Nevertheless, given those two problems, the first one its the real show stopper.

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