Saturday, October 23, 2010

Windows 7 on a Sony Vaio PCG FRV37

So I got me a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, if you can say that, to play with a bit.

Slap install that on the huge baby monster Vaio I have lying around for tests, got a 20 GB HDD that already had a working install of XP, and installed ontop of that, the Vaio can't boof from USB, and I had the Windows 7 installers on a USB stick (pirate, you say... Shame on you! This is research...)

Installed without any issue, it took about 3 hours, needless to say, on this ultra crappy and old laptop all that jazz and eye candy that Aero should provide doesn't run at all, but, nevertheless, I think that the default GUI is miles and miles ahead in terms of beautiful compared to what Vista was.

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