Sunday, August 29, 2010

On food

This turned out with a little complication, nothing really serious, but I have to take care with the food from now on; I'm officially old.

Not that I didn't take care with what I eat to begin with... I don't eat junk food, perhaps used to eat to pizzas a month -with luck, the best pizza is was just a couple of blocks from home, Tomasso- and perhaps a Burger King Double Whooper every two months or so... And no alcohol whatsoever, not a drop, I don't like it, for instance, I guess there are literally years that I don't drink a beer.

Got banned from Coca Cola I can't believe that one... Used to drink something like two fucking glasses a day, that's nothing! Moved to Sprite... And no more empanadas, that's a tough one, used to lunch one of jamón y queso on a daily basis... The best in the universe a block and a half, Via Appia.

I'm already a tall/ skinny MF (1.80 mts & less than 70 Kgs) with this new diet gonna look like a POW camp survivor.

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