Thursday, July 22, 2010

Completely shadow-less

Well, decided to kill all the Desktop Effects.

As least for a while, totally cold turkey that is.
I don't use much of them anyways, but, but, but... The Drop Shadows are really, really missed in my desktop... That is the only Desktop Effect, actually, and, sort of related to that one, the ability to use a totally border-less window, which without shadow underneath, looks like crap (if not Scottish, its Crap!!).
So, right now I'm with borders and without shadows, so far, being using it like this for a couple of hours, I can do it just fine (the last time I tried didn't last more than a few minutes....)
I could use Metacity's own composite engine, but it blows g0at dick when you have to Alt - Tab with more than 6 windows open.
The theme is still Alliance, but since yesterday I've modified a little bit.

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