Sunday, June 07, 2009

Put the Windows key to work

A little something I have being using for a while.
I like to use Windows key on my keyboard (since its there... It better be useful anyway :) )
So, on Gnome/ Ubuntu, to be able to actually use the Windows key as a combinator with another one to do something, that is, to transform it onto a keyboard shortcut, you have to take an extra step, to modify its default behavior.

All of this, you know, so that pressing the freaking Windows key + another key allows you to do something.

So, goto:

System > Preferences > Keyboard

Select the "Layouts" tab, and then click on the "Layout Options", and then open the menu called "Alt/Win key behavior" and check the option 'Hyper is mapped to Win-keys'.

You are done, now goto the plain vanilla:

System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts

And setup the keyboard that you want using the freaking Windows key.

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