Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 on the Compaq F700

A little test drive I did, as I'm checking all the backups to see if they are up to date, to do a wipe and install of Ibex on Tango.

The new GUI for the Network setup tool, I don't have DHCP on my LAN, but after setting the IP address, everything went well, didn't even tried to setup the WiFi, I'll try that after making the install for real.

The Hardware Drivers... Ubuntu correctly detected that I need a closed source driver to get the most of my hardware... Bah, I need drivers. After clicking on 'Activate' and wait a few seconds, Ubuntu downloads and enables the driver.

No need to reboot to start using the new driver (which, BTW, will be fatal on a live session :D ), a simply Ctrl + Alt + Backspace will 'restart the GUI', logout and login automatically again, this time using the driver, and a much, much better resolution, and, some of the Desktop Effects enabled.

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