Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Add a text message to the Gnome Panel

Say you want to add some kind of text to the Gnome Panel.
Found a way to do just that, after testing some other tip on how to customize the date/ clock appearance on the Panel.
The origins of this was this post on the Ubuntu Forums, although I'm pretty sure to any other (recent) Gnome out there.

If you want it right besides the clock, do this:
Open the gconf-editor, type the keys:

Alt + F2

Then type inside the box:

gconf-editor (ENTER)

Goto, or expand the key:

Set it like this, or what ever you like it:

'tango - %a %d %b %H:%M' (without quotes)

On my case, 'tango' is the hostname of my box.

And then, set the format key to 'custom', it is below the 'custom_format' one.
There might be a why of doing this via the hostname command? Not sure, will try later.


Used this as a base: Cambiar aspecto del reloj en Ubuntu, it is in Spanish, tho.

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