Monday, November 24, 2008

Orbis Tertius' FreeBSD notes

In the end, I got rid of it, no particular reason, maybe because Gnome was a little slow; but the box it is not a rocket either; or maybe it was that compiling the NVIDIA drivers got a little troublesome.
The thing is, I got Ubuntu, Intrepid, to be precise, on the server.

These are some notes, since on the FreeBSD made a minimal install, and then proceed to download the whole Gnome desktop; had to do this because it was impossible to install the whole thing from the CD, just like on Ubuntu 8.04 was.

The first thing I noticed is that Googling on howto make a Gnome install over the internet, every site I saw mentions that you have to add the package 'gnome2', did that, but the Gnome install waas incomplete, didn't even start, had to also install the package 'gnome-session'.
Installing all that used about 800 MB of HDD space, and got me a desktop like the one posted here.

FreeBSD Gnome Installation howto
Installing X Windows System on FreeBSD

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