Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The (Sort of) Death of The T60p

Well all things come to an end I guess... And the mythic Thinkpad T60p is no exception to that.

Yesterday the fan started to make a lot of noise, and I mean a really, superbly annoying sound... Tried cleaning it, etc... But nothing.
This wasn't the first time that the fan on the T60p busted by balls.
On top of that, the keyboard on the T60p died (or at least, some of its keys) a couple of months ago...
The little lappie is slowly but steady saying goodbye...
For the moment, moved everything (keyboard, RAM, SSD) to the T60 and things are kosher, I was afraid that moving from the T60p's glorious screen to the T60 might be tough, but it is actually more than bearable.

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