Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Return Of The Temperature

Since the Weather plugin died on all of my XFCE boxens I was left on the dark, without any reliable way of knowing what was going on (weather wise) out in the real world.

I had a bunch of shell scripts that pull the weather, so I was thinking in a way of adding the output of one of those scripts onto the XFCE Panel somehow...

Enter Genmon, a plugin for the XFCE Panel that does one thing, executes a program and prints the result, over and over again.
So, let's get going! Install the plugin like this:

sudo apt-get install xfce4-genmon-plugin

Add the plugin to the Panel, and then edit it to execute whatever you want to have displayed on the Panel.
It doesn't like to execute arguments nor pipes, so I've saved that onto a shell script, and then call it from the plugin, the script looks like this:

WGET='wget -q -O- '
 | awk -F\' '/acm_RecentLocationsCarousel\.push/{print  "" $10"°"}'| head -1;

And then set it to execute every 1000 seconds.

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