Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Lessons From Username Changing

So, I decided to change the username I've been using for like ever on my Linux setup.
It was pretty much painless, except for a couple of glitches...

External USB
I have an (encrypted) external USB that I use for backups.
It is necessary to chown for the new username in order to actually access the files, after decrypting and mounting it

Portability Issues
The change also forced me to address a couple of small humps, strangely enough, both related to OpenVPN.
First, I had to change the aliases I use to connect to the VPNs, stupidly I was sourcing the whole path, replacing that with "~" fixed this.
The other one was with the certs, CA & keys that the *.ovpn files were referencing...
Those were called with the whole path, and replacing that with "~" didn't work, so what I did was placing the key, CA, certs you name it on the same *.ovpn.
It worked like a charm, and on top of that, it tidy up the whole thing.

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