Monday, October 10, 2016

Net Install Jessie on Thinkpad T60p

Started: 14:49 hrs.
Selected Install (doh!)
Partition HDD: 14:54 hrs.
Setup an encrypted LVM
Select DE: 15:10 hrs.
Selected: XFCE, SSH Server & Standard system utilities (of course)
That had to download 1098 files
Finished installing files: 15:48 hrs.
Finished installation: 15:50 hrs.

Login onto XFCE and selected on the "Welcome to the first start of the panel" to "Use default config".
First thing installed after the initial install. switch to a Virtual Terminal, login as root and:

apt-get install sudo

To modify the cursor the way I like it:

cd /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/cursors/
sudo cp xterm xterm.ORIG
sudo cp arrow xterm

The default XFCE theme looks rather ugly to me...

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