Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Installing Zabbix on RHEL 5

New server, new setup, a lot of work, what's the problem?

First of all, had to install these two, to fulfill dependencies

server$ rpm -q net-snmp net-snmp-devel

The second RPM package its specially important, if not installed, you'll get an error like this upon running the './configure'

configure: error: Invalid NET-SNMP directory - unable to find net-snmp-config

After those are installed, all there is left to is executing the configure script:

./configure --enable-server --enable-agent --with-mysql --with-net-snmp

To setup the webfront, in order to finish the instal, create a directory, for instance called 'zabbix' somewhere on your Apache web accessible directories, and then, copy everything that its in the 'zabbix-1.6.2/frontends/php/*' directory to the new you have just created. On my case I something like this:

cd /opt/www_ssl/zabbix/
sudo cp -r -v ~/downloads/zabbix-1.6.2/frontends/php/* ./

After that you can access the webfront thru 'https://yoursite/zabbix/' to wrap the whole thing up.
It is really, really advisable to serve your Zabbix content form an SSL encrypted page, for instance, during the last steps of the configuration thru the webfront you'll be asked for the username/ password to the Data Base, besides that, you'll have to login to the page every time you access it, so there you have another instance that you should avoid for plain text login information.

The only problem I had (see the picture) was during the final steps of the basic configuration, I had to increase the value of one of the PHP environment variables, no big deal.

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