Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a step back in Evolution, man!!

I can't effing believe how hard is to make a backup of your Evolution data on the latest release (by latest I mean, the latest released with Intrepid).
Here are the instuctions, and here is a snip from that.

First of all, shut Evolution and its background processes (Evolution Data Server, Evolution Alarm Notify) completly down by using evolution --force-shutdown so no information gets lost/altered when backing up. Make sure you are not running gconf (by ps ax | grep gconf for example; you normally have to leave gnome for that and then run gconftool-2 --shutdown). Then, if you are in the home directory (if not, use cd ~), you can easily create a compressed file by using the command...

Here is the command they want you to execute, after killing all those process...

tar -cvzf $HOME/evolution-backup.tar.gz $HOME/.evolution \
$HOME/.gconf/apps/evolution $HOME/.gnome2_private/Evolution \

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